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Production Team:

Set Designer: Katie Rogel

Lighting Designer: William Peterson

Sound Designer: Korey Lamb

Costume Designer: Tia Taylor

Props Designer: Misha Wulfe

Photos by Mandie Wood Harris


On Monday

Cut You A Piece

Why Must We Tell Them Why

Finale - Dress Rehearsal

35MM by Ryan Scott Oliver

Directed by Mandie Wood Harris


Associated Actors and Technicians

Weber State University - Eccles Theater

February 2016


Projection Designer


Designer's Concept:

     “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

                                                           ~Frederick R. Barnard


     35MM is a developing filmstrip of vignettes that takes modern cultural subjects and weaves them together into a story of the human experience. It references car accidents, nanny nightmares, mental illness, complex romantic relationships, LGBTQ+ society, marital abuse, and what it means to create art. These stories range in humor and tragedy, but all are equally important. These images take time to develop and grow in clarity and color as the story is told. The projection will reflect the importance of the stories and how there can be many different images on a filmstrip and their meanings can be different to each person, but they came from the same camera.



News about 35MM:




The Seraph


Leave, Luanne

The Ballad of Sarah Berry


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