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Derrick Lee Weeden as Troy and Karole Foreman as Rose
Photo Courtesy of Luis Reflections Photography Studio and Pacific Conservatory Theatre

Production Team:

Director: Erik Stein

Sound Designer and Composer: Michael G. Keck

Fight Choreographer: Mark Booher

Set Designer: Jason Bolen

Lighting Designer: Tim Thistleton

Costume Designer: Deb Trout

Stage Manager: Ellen Beltramo

Fences by August Wilson

Directed by Timothy Bond

Pacific Conservatory Theatre

Fall 2017


As Assistant Sound Designer, I:

- Attended weekly production meetings in lieu designer, who was not in residence until tech.

- Provided Signal Line Diagram and information of sound system for Sound Designer

- Set up a tech table with a computer connected to the QLAB computer and clear com. Also set up and tested clear com for tech. 

- Set up and tested monitors and shotgun special microphone.

- Ran and tested a MIDI line to control the sound board through QLAB.

- Recorded lead actors reading the pre-show announcement.

-Placed and tested specials hidden under the porch and inside the house.

- Created and maintained cue sheet throughout tech. 

- Due to the Sound Designer being cast in the show, I was given permission to make decisions and chose content composed by the designer.

- Assisted designer in decisions of placement for sound cues.

- Listened for the designer when they were performing and made adjustments to the QLAB file as needed. 

Paperwork Sample

Final Sound/Music Cue Sheet

Signal Line Diagram - Click to expand

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