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Photo Courtesy of Zoia Wiseman

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

Directed by Don Stewart


Pacific Conservatory Theatre, California

Spring 2018


Sound Designer and  Composer


Concept Statement:

Set in the near future, Martius lives in a world pushed back to elemental and archaic survival.  After a successful war campaign, Martius, renamed Coriolanus, is forced into a position in the Senate to represent his country. After betrayal and false accusations of being a traitor, he joins his foes to take down the country he once fought for. 

The world of the play is very elemental, so the music for transitions is very rhythm-heavy and wordly. There is a distinct difference in style between the Roman and Volscian cities to help establish location. The only time that there is a deviation from that pattern is when Coriolanus turns to the audience and has internal conversations about why he's making the choices he is.  Throughout all, there is a low lying drone that pushes the movement of the play onward. 

Paperwork Sample

Senator Speech -  Finale

The Final Senator Speech was prerecorded to give an overlooking feeling to the end of the play. Coriolanus lays on the center of the stage, and the cast stands around the playing space dropping rose petals has his mother looks on.

Senator Speech - No Effect - Lydia Oliverson
00:00 / 00:00

Coriolanus Contemplation

Coriolanus Contemplation - Lydia Oliverson
00:00 / 00:00

Fighting Drone

On the battlefield, Martius (Coriolanus) meets his nemesis on the battlefield. I wanted the sounds of war to fade out into this drone to represent Martius losing sight of the entire battle to focus solely on his one opponent. 

Fighting Drone - Lydia Oliverson
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