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Abandoned Mine in Frisco, Utah

Frightening Frisco is a seasonal haunted house at Lagoon Amusement Park, open every Halloween Season

Main Street - Lydia Oliverson
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Saloon - Lydia Oliverson
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Undertaker - Lydia Oliverson
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Frightening Frisco

Haunted House Designed by Anthony Marocchi


Lagoon Amusement Park

Fall 2016


Sound Designer


Design Inspiration:


Frisco, Utah was a mining town in Beaver county that sprung up during the 1870's. It was known by the United States Annual Mining Review as "the richest silver mine in the world now being worked." It was also known as one of the wildest towns - the streets were lined with over 20 saloons, brothels and gambling dens. Murders were said to have been so frequent that city officials contracted to have a wagon pick up the bodies and take them to boot hill for burial. Reaching a peak population of nearly 6,000, vice and crime became prevalent in the town. One writer described it as "Dodge City, Tombstone, Sodom and Gomorrah all rolled into one."


Marshal Pearson was a marshal hired from Pioche, Nevada and the lawless element had two options – get out of town or get shot. Apparently, some of the wicked did not take the new marshal seriously as he reportedly killed six outlaws on his first night in town. After the collapse of the mine, the town dwindled out of existence.


Workers for a mining company that purchased the mine in 1998 have reported hearing unexplained horse nays. They have also seen unexplained lights and fogs that move about the town's abandoned cemetery. Visitors have reported the shadows of people on the ground where no people stand. People dressed in western attire have been seen in the windows or standing in the doorways of some of the towns abandoned buildings.A ghostly rider on horseback has been spotted patrolling the streets of Frisco at night. Perhaps this is the ghost of Marshall Pearson, forever laying down the law to those who choose a life of crime.






Mine Shaft - Lydia Oliverson
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