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Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

Class Project - Theoretical


Projection Design Course

Weber State University

Spring 2015


Projection Designer



Metamorphoses is a play adapted from the Ovid Poem Metamorphoses, and contains 11 vignettes of Greek characters such as Midas, Narcissus, Psyche, Zeus and Hermes. While non-linear, all stories were tied together with the ancient myths and the gods who manipulated them.


For this class project, I created projections for the scene involving Alcyone and Ceyx. The story tells of King Ceyx leaving on a sea-bound excursion, even after his wife warns him not to go. Poseidon destroys the ship, and Alcyone is left on the shore waiting for her husband to return. Aphrodite takes pitty on the couple, and finds a way to reunite them as both Alcyone and Ceyx are turned into seabirds. 



Video Sample

Image Research

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